This book looks at President Trump, misogyny and what happened to Hillary.




“Dr. Messina’s book takes up the worryingly persistent problem of misogyny. Marshaling several rich examples, she shows how the process of projective identification illuminates diverse manifestations of violence against women. Drawing on attachment theory, she explains how self-awareness and perspective taking can allow us to escape the grips of projective identification and potentially ameliorate the continuing prejudicial ways women are treated. This book makes an important contribution to further our understanding of the problem of misogyny.”

Dr. Sharma previously was part of a Counseling, Advisory & Redressal Center for Women and Children Survivors of Violence. The Center was a  collaboration between state police and women activists to provide services to women and young girls  who were victims of  verbal, sexual, and emotional abuse in their family of origin.  She is currently a staff psychologist at the Menninger Clinic in Houston Texas.


“In this important book, psychoanalyst, Dr. Karyne Messina, describes the damaging effects of what she calls the "emotional violence of silence", the deployment of power to erase the contribution of women throughout history. Today in the age of the “Me Too” movement, women are starting to speak out - but the rising tide of voices still has to combat a long history of systemic suppression. Understanding these forces has never been more timely. This book can help us break the cycle and usher in a new and necessary cultural shift.” 

Maddie Grant is a culture consultant and digital strategist focusing on digital transformation, generational trends and internal and external engagement, Founding partner of a culture management firm that uses the Workplace Genome assessment to measure, analyze and activate workplace culture. Author of several business books including the Amazon’s best-seller category.


“Here Karyne Messina explores misogyny through a psychoanalytic lens.  Familiar with many theoretical perspectives and using wide-ranging examples, she shows how psychoanalytic theories contribute to an understanding of misogyny’s unconscious roots and its potential for resolution.  The reader is guaranteed a thoughtful, thorough and suspenseful journey through this timely topic.”

Helen Stein (retired ) was a  psychologist practicing in New York City. She has been a consultant to the New York State Psychiatric Institute and is the  author of, “Does Mentalization Promote Resilience?” In The Handbook on Mentalization-Based Treatment edited by Peter Fonagy and Joe Allen, renown experts in mentalization with whom she has written several articles.

Dr. Harry Gill


"This book presents novel ideas that advance, not only the understanding of projective identification, but also concepts related to the aspects of work that promote improvement in psychotherapy that I have not seen before. I think that the topics of the book will be of universal interest to a variety of readers for many years as the issue of discrimination not only continues to be a struggle but in recent times, the "Me Too" movement gives these questions urgency. The book contains a very contemporary application of theory on social experience; it is likely to become a tour de force work."